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Vak LINUX, Auteur DWILL, Niveau 4, Cohort 2021, Periode 2 | PDF

1Using RPM
 Package Concepts
 RPM Distributions and Conventions
 The rpm Command Set
 BOOK: Roderick W. Smith (2013). Linux Professional Institute Certification - Study Guide. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (ISBN: 978-1-118-57055-5)
 Quiz: Review Questions
2Using Debian Packages

 Debian Distributions and Conventions
 The dpkg Command Set
 Using apt-cache
 Using apt-get
 Using dselect, aptitude, and Synaptic
 Reconfiguring Packages
 Debian Packages Compared to Other Package Formats
 Configuring Debian Package Tools
 COMPUTER: functioning laptop
 Quiz: Review Questions
3Package Dependencies and Conflicts

 Real and Imagined Package Dependency Problems
 Workarounds for Package Dependency Problems
 Startup Script Problems
  Quiz: Review Questions
4Managing Shared Libraries

 Library Principles
 Locating Library Files
 Library Management Commands
  Quiz: Review Questions
5Managing Processes

 Understanding the Kernel: The First Process
 Examining Process Lists
 Understanding Foreground and Background Processes
 Managing Process Priorities
 Killing Processes
  Quiz: Review Questions